1. Individuals interested in being considered for employment with Residential Services, Inc. (RSI) should complete the online RSI application for employment through the RSI website. (jobs.rsi-nc.org)

2. The Human Resources Department will review all applications. Applicants may be contacted for a telephone screening interview. If RSI is interested in potentially hiring the applicant, an interview will be scheduled. Applicants the company is not interested in hiring will be sent a letter or e-mail indicating this. 

3. Applicants the company may be interested in hiring will then generally be scheduled for a visit to one of our locations. The purpose of this visit is two-fold: it allows the applicant an opportunity to get a first hand, realistic job preview, and it allows the residents and staff of the location to make an evaluation of the applicant. 

4. After this visit, applicants should contact the RSI HR Specialist within 24 hours to indicate whether they are interested. 

5. Some positions, generally supervisory or purely clinical ones, may require a second interview. 

6. RSI will then contact applicants via e-mail or letter to let them know the status of their application. 

7. If an applicant is offered a position at RSI, he or she will then be scheduled to complete the pre-employment documentation, which contains forms and reading materials required for completion before beginning employment. All employment offers are contingent upon a successful background check (including three references—two of these must be work (i.e., a supervisor) or school (i.e., a professor or teacher, or a college degree or proof of current college enrollment), a drug test, and a criminal record check). The pre-employment documentation must be completed and returned within two weeks from its issuance. The sooner a new employee completes the process, the sooner the new employee could potentially start training! 

8. Once the Pre-Employment Documentation is completed and returned, new employees can then be scheduled for their on-the-job training and the required training classes for their respective positions.